premiere 06.06.2016

Immerse your mind in a egocentric oblivion. Greed, darkness, wildness and mental anxiety.
Brutal blasts, crushing slackening, angry and varied vocals, well-arranged songs in which nothing happens accidentaly.
Whole album as concept of fall of the human who draw happiness of this. Sick and possessed album which you can't miss.
The album definitely for the fans of bands like Satyricon (from the time of Rebel Extravaganza), Non Opus Dei, Mayhem, Behemoth.

Full-length album "Egocentric Oblivion" which is the most brutal act in the discography of Arma Christi.

The band Arma Christi was created in early 2012 as an initiative of Thorn.

For the composition joins Ves. Shortly recorded their first demo entitled "Arma Christi". It is the own production.

At the end of the year Ves parted with the band while Thorn continues activity alone.

Track lists:

  1. Openning
  2. Dies Irae II
  3. Plugastwo
  4. Evil Transformation
  5. Strącony z Niebios
  6. Egocentric Oblivion
  7. Mizantropia
  8. Królestwo Światła
  9. Diabeł Przede Mną II
  10. Szron
  11. Gdzieś po Śmierci

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