The Free Online Spider Solitaire Game

A free online Spider Solitaire game requires the player to choose four suits of figures. Each suit represents a different type of figures, which are then grouped in colors to form four colored spaces on the playing board.

free online spider solitaire 4 suits

The different types of the figures, such as white and black, red and green, yellow and blue are called colors spaces. The spaces that the spaces used for numbers are called hearts. The spaces that each color makes when used to make a pair are called diamonds.

When you start the game the three red diamonds and the three white spaces become your starting point. Next is an alternate level of increasing difficulty. You will move from one level to another according to how well you’ve done in the previous level. As you move, you will also be given a different amount of diamonds, while keeping the same number of spaces.

The color spaces used to make a diamond are numbered according to how many points they can produce. The amount of points that can be produced by the spaces depends on the size of the spaces, the total number of spaces, and the suit colors. The standard size of a space is three, the maximum number of spaces that can be used in a game is twenty-three.

It is obvious that the spaces with more points will win. Therefore the squares containing the lower points will end up as the loser. After the winning number is decided by the player will receive a point.

The points are not limited to only a win. Other points can be used to accumulate more diamond spaces, so that they are worth even more points. The points can also be used to accumulate more win/losses, or just to get more time to play the game.

Online games can be enjoyed by almost anybody, and usually requires a small monthly subscription fee. The online games can be played from the comfort of home and do not need a big space or much computer power. Any type of compatible graphics card will suffice, though.

This popular solitaire game allows people of all ages to play this fun and relaxing game. Playing online can bring a great deal of fun and enjoyment to this old-fashioned game.